Cruising the after holiday left-overs is a favorite occupation. After Christmas and Valentine's Day, I can barely wait to peruse the Not Bought bins. A few Februarys ago, I found a heart shaped box of what seemed to be chocolate candy, but what turned out to be gladiolus bulbs! Just take off the lid, position the bulbs, and bury the whole thing. WHAT could be easier? My Youngest was still willing to dig in the dirt with me back then, so we planted the heart box together. I sincerely doubted that anything would grow from this Valentine reject, though. I was so surprised when the green spikes emerged within just a few weeks!
 Glads are not my favorite, since I'm not a fan of staking. ugh. 
If it's going to fall over, then it's probably not going to last very long in my garden. 
I will stake for food items, though - tomatoes or peppers.
("Will Stake For Food" - a book title? a cardboard sign slogan? my post-child rearing career?)
They are beautiful, even if they are so very pink. They return every year, but no longer in a heart pattern. Glads just shimmy all around the garden, don't they. Tricky.  I took these photos on an early Saturday morning, while on a garden walk with My Wonderful Husband. 
It's a summer thing we do.  
*** My dad happened to visit one evening this summer, and he stood looking at the gardens. After a bit, he commented that growing gladiolas had been a special talent of his own grandfather. Apparently, my great-grandfather provided a bouquet of fresh flowers, seasonally featuring his special glads, for his church altar every Sunday morning.

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Your granddad? What a special gift to know that!