Moon Conversations

I happily admit to being a sky-gawker. 
Just ask any belt-gripping kid who's taken a drive with me during a glorious sunset.
Or when there are remarkable puffy cloud shapes in the blueblue sky.
Or during a lightning storm!
The ride can quickly become a little more (ahem) exciting
I want my guys to remember that their mom loved the sky. 
Maybe it's weird to type that ... is my love of the tragic is hanging out a little too much?

BUT MORE THAN THAT, I want their hearts to turn God-ward when they see something beautiful overhead.

We've moved on from the simple teaching conversations that satisfied them when they were young:
(me) "Look at that! Isn't that beautiful!"
"What is it?" 
"The moon - God made it."
"How did it get up there?" 
"God made it and put it up there during the first week of the world."
"Is it really made of cheese?" 

Now as grown and semi-grown people, they don't ask a million questions, and we are rarely outside together. So I have to watch and wait for opportunities to point their attention to the sky. And I try to remember that the word-stream that is actually going to HEARD is usually a short one, so the words have to  really count. So I go straight for scripture.

"Look at that! 
 "Do you see that full moon?!
 "Check out the moon nestled in those gauzy clouds! 
Is that amazing or what!"
I hope I'm creating a path in their memories that will assist the Spirit as He makes His pathway in their hearts.

For myself, aside from just the raw and wild beauty on display in the sky, 
and the fact that it's speaking day and night of the Creator, 
the heavens put me in my place. 
very, very small
They bring into sharp focus how BIG He is.
I like to be reminded of that.

We all need to be reminded of that.


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