... back to the 2012 vacation.

There's so much to gawk at on the strip in Gatlinburg. 
Thought you might enjoy seeing a few more interesting snapshots from the trip.

Who would expect to see something of Dickens just down the street from Moonshine Holler? That's the beauty of it, friends. 
Moonshine Holler, by the way, had interesting effects on my sons. The Oldest was game for free tastes, The Middle didn't seem to know that free tastes existed, and The Youngest was traumatized by the thought that mom might have a free taste with his oldest brother. 
I was just calling the bluff of the Oldest, 
this is a necessary skill to develop when you live with teenagers
but My Youngest was horribly shocked. And the bluff is ruined if you admit that you were never really going to down some moonshine ... Poor kid.
The free moonshine tastes were served in communion cups.  !!!

In a crowd of men and almost-men, shopping downtown Gatlinburg is not what you might have experienced if you went with girlfriends. Let's just say I saw lots of gun/knife/gadget stores. After about five such visits, I was relieved to hear one of them observe, "Those stores are all the same!"   
Yes, they are. 
ANYway, I didn't go in most of those (mildly disturbing) stores - there's plenty to entertain on the sidewalk and in store window. 
Had to get a photo of the Witch King's helmet. 
Any other Lord of the Rings fans out there?
My Youngest just passed by and commented, "Mom, don't put that on there! People will know you're a nerd!" So true, son, but they probably already knew.

We call it  Street Food  - the best choice for at least one meal. Defined: walk along and buy/eat as much food as your parents can afford. 
It turns out to cost about the same as a sit-down meal in a restaurant. 
Look how happy this kid is, stuffing his face with a big ol' sausage, and get a look at that corn dog in the background! I got to share a few bites of that.

Really? A KILT? I just never believe that these kilt-wearing men are really  ethnically entitled to sport this gear, do you? 
And I have managed to ask a few.
Scottish Posers. 
This photo was not easy to get - even I am hesitant to photograph unaware odd people in close quarters. You never know what might happen. 

I checked the price on the Flying Blue Monkey mask - $55.  Way too much, even for such a desirable item. I know you want one, too. 
How great would it be to wear while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters? October is right around the corner, people! Plan ahead!

The Frankenstein mask came from the same store - only $10. 
Fun to leave in the cabin refrigerator. 
*** My Halloween outfit is all ready, do you see that? ***

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