I trespass sometimes.
Unintentionally, of course.
It seems mostly unreasonable to think that this pathetically placed sign is going to be effective in giving notice that a piece of ground is private property. 
Upside down and face in - come on - who put that up, anyway? 
My friend (never trespass alone) pondered the idea of tasting a few snap beans - that was before we saw the sign(s) which not only let us know we were Trespassers, but also that we were not supposed to be picking. 
It's impossible to appreciate the beauty of this community garden by looking at these photos. Each 8'x3' raised bed belongs to someone in the neighborhood, and some are marked with family names or dedications to loved ones. It is a fenced, mulched and trellised wonder! And the beds show such variety, since space is limited. In one bed you might see an heirloom tomato next to a rhubarb, or a row of three  zinnias partnering with a cabbage. 
If I lived nearby at all, I'd trespass on a regular basis. 
I mean purple cauliflower - do average people just grow that? 
"I think I'll put out some purple cauli this year, Hon, what do you think?"
And don't forget a Brussels sprout, of course. 
It was pretty funny, and if you had been nearby you might have gotten your morning laugh from the comments my Trespassing Buddy and I were making as we recognized vegetables seen only at the market in their growing forms. 
"What the heck is this? Wait - is it a  Brussels sprout? It is!" 
(of course we said 'brussel sprout' just like you do) 
We puzzled over this one for a while, and made a good guess, but couldn't identify it for sure. When I got home and googled blossoms of vegetable plants, there it was! 
Genius Plan - beautiful flowers developing into delicious vegetables.

Do all of you Garden Pros already know what vegetable bloom this is?