Aunt Tique

Stepping through the door of this shop made me wonder if my inhaler was in the car or not.
Lots and lots of dusty age is floating around AUNTIQUES, and your eyes are likely to pop in an effort to see everything.
And I think there is one of EVERYthing in the world crammed on these shelves.
The green section of the shop.
Oh, I love those green glass salt and pepper shakers!
The bookstacks were neverending. Have I mentioned how wonderful old books smell? That musty paper smell reminds me of the Methodist church lending library where I used to borrow Cherry Ames books. 
I also remember paying late fees even then. I couldn't have been more than 8 or 9 years old. Back then I paid in coins. Now I rifle my purse for bills, or even a check. They don't take a card - I know this.
Scary Baby. Very Scary Baby.
If that isn't a label for any of my posts, it should be. 
"Steve had an Twilight Zone moment as he beheld his Doll Daughter for the very first time... "
And this would be ... The End.
There's lots to say here, but it all just seems too inappropriate
Fill in the blanks on this one yourselves. 
You know you can!

1 comment:

marie said...

The green section...oh my goodness. I'd be afraid to touch anything for fear it would all tumble down. But I'd want to touch it all!
Love the books too...I lke how they're stacked every which way. It would be fun to poke through those stacks!