I love Friday nights at our house.
The work week is finished, and the weekend is brand new.
Oh, the wealthy feeling of standing at the beginning of a brand new weekend!
Burgers on the grill with a slab of pepper jack cheese.
(2 lb ground beef + 1 package of Fresh Take Cheddar Jack and Bacon = slobbering and thankful men)
Enjoying the patio scenery while waiting for the burgers to be finished...

After dinner, a trip to the local park for some running, walking, biking, gawking.
The dog got to come with us this time - that doesn't usually happen. 
And look at those clouds that lined up over the ball field - 
is that amazing or what?
Don't you just love the sky show the Lord puts on every single day?

And us. 
I'm glad to be glad to be with my best friend on a Friday night.