I wonder about lots of things.
I ponder over a handful or so.
I entertain angst in honor of a few.
Musings on life come and go through the corridors of my heart, and in and out of my spinning head.
Notions about which I am certain have been amended or just discarded, and up- or down-graded.
One surety remains of all.

And that is huge.

I've told people that I'm in transition.
It seems like the home-ed years might be coming to an end after this one.
Maybe, maybe not.
It seems like I'll need to find something else to DO.
Maybe, maybe not.
It looks like the next part of my life is on the horizon. 
Part III, I'd name it, if my life was a novel.

In sorting, in beginning the sorting, of what to keep and what to eject, 
this simple revelation is like the North Star.
It's the touchstone that is returned to over and over, and over again, beginning in childhood -
Jesus loves me this I know ...
It's a stone grown smooth with the wearing of my wondering, pondering, and sometimes anxious hand.

Are any of you in transition too? Anyone else out there sorting, keeping and ejecting?
Has this truth sunk down deeply enough in your soul to be an anchor? The anchor?
Does knowing this lead you gladly to repentance, again and again and again?
Is it your North Star too, leading the way into the Father's arms?
Does having this knowing in place cause the rest of your life 
to seem to sort itself?

It can.

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krissy said...

In the last year we've changed jobs, churches and started home schooling. The amazing thing is that I have found more peace this year than any of our married life before. Have you heard the Charles Wesley hymn Arise, my soul, Arise? So good! I like Indellable Grace's version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF-ejL9yxxc
"Before the throne my surety stands, my name is written on his hands... ARISE my soul, shake off your guilty fear and RISE!!"
Thanks! Such a good reminder!