She knew it was unlikely, but she had to try. 
Being witness to the warping and twisting of her daughter brought pain 
like none she had ever dreamed could exist.
Scraping her resolve together, she shoved faith to the front 
and took the final steps toward the Man.
She knew he was more than a man. 
She had heard of the things that had been happening - MIRACULOUS events, all around! 
But how well she knew who she was - not one of them. 
Would he acknowledge her plea? Even glance her way? 
Everything in her rose up and cried out again over her daughter. 
For her daughter, she would make herself heard. 
To win her daughter's freedom, she would do anything!
"Have mercy on me, O Lord ..."

Matthew 15:21-28

"Dear woman, great is  your faith!"

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