In the Barn

If you live in a golfing community, do you have photos through the generations of your family 'on the links', posing by a golf cart,  ... teeing off?
If you live on the coast, does your family treasure photos through the years of couples posing near the cliffs, children perched on rocks or grandparents under striped beach umbrellas?
If your family owns a shop in the downtown of a city what would be the recurring backdrop then? Front or back stoops? The window with the best afternoon light streaming into an apartment? Under the shop awning holding a broom and wearing the styles of the decade?
Growing up in Kentucky, I've noticed that we have lots of BARN photos. 
I won't throw them all out here for you, but LOTS of barn photos - even though we don't even have a barn! 
Not only in my collection, but in those of my parents, cousins, aunts and uncles also.

hanging tobacco or taking it down
tinkering and talking while huddled around tractors 
laying in wait to catch a wily barn kitten for taming
bottle feeding calves (and feeling sorry for them)
peeking out of the barn loft, having climbed up there alone for the first time

This barn photo is out of focus - I'm so clumsy with low light and moving figures!
But, really, it's a very fitting portrayal. 
Sons move fast! 
So soon and they're looking taller than their dad, and they're trying to get a hold on him, 
wrestling as though to win their own strength by conquering his.
Sons move so fast!

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