It's a Contest

There was a pumpkin carving contest last weekend.
 The word 'contest' makes it all matter SOOOOO much more for those of us 
who lean toward the more competitive edge of life. 
It must be so difficult to live over there!
You would imagine that setting your pumpkin aflame with 
blue fire would make you the sure winner.
You would be wrong.
 It might seem like an easy YES vote on the Mummy Pumpkin with the realistic blue eyes.
Wrong again.
Here they all are - which one would you have voted for?


Kate said...

Annie likes the cyclops, I am impressed by the bird and mia likes the one next to the bird. :o)

Aunt Lois said...

I'm partial to the cat. All are great works of art!

Sweet Annabelle said...

The Caged Bird was the winner! The carver with the most votes got to pick out of the prize bag first, and on down from there in descending vote count.

a black light bulb
flashing skull necklace
glowing axe (considered the 'coolest' prize)
flashing spider necklace