Driver Training

You know, parenting the third child is another ballgame.
You realize that perfection is not critical. 
You come to understand that it's not even attainable.
Not that anyone in their early years of parenting actually forms the conscious thought, 
"This beautiful child of mine is going to turn out to be a perfect human being." 
I know we didn't actually voice that thought. 
OOOHHH, but it was in our heads, bumping around as an Icky Expectation creating lots and lots of tangles for future unraveling. 

But, ANYway, as I was saying ...

I decided that it was pretty silly to wait until the more socially acceptable and lawful age of 16 to begin to train a driver. I mean, that's just about exactly when they have become newly certain that you probably became brain damaged at some point shortly after their birth, and that they should be recognized as 
Resident Family Genius.

I'm generalizing, but if you've been there, then you know, I'm pretty much nailing it.

Why  not go ahead and put them behind the wheel BEFORE their brains swell so tightly that they have terrible trouble following direction? Less frustration for everyone involved, I think. It's probably safer!
And this kid is certainly big enough - he's adult sized, after all. 

Imagine yourself giving some important driving instruction like ....
 "Get ready to stop.   Brake!   STOP!"
Being only 13, he's wwaaayyyy more likely to bring the vehicle to a stop in time 
instead of casually reasoning aloud that he still has 
'plenty of time to begin to stop before he gets too close, blah, velocity, blah, blah, acceleration, blah' 
Did I mention swollen brains? It's just maddening. 
No Big Driving Words thrown around by a thirteen year old.
When you consider your own bumper, you will probably begin to agree with me.
And maybe you won't be too offended by him becoming a Driver In Training at the age of 13.
If only just in the park...?


Stacey Lozano said...

Oh my!! LOL My youngest wouldn't have been able to see over the wheel at 13. (Though I DO see your point!! LOL)

Amanda said...

Oh goodness, I can't even begin to imagine teaching my two crazy girlies to drive. They are only 2 and 5, and they already know everything ;) "...plenty of time to begin to stop before he gets too close, blah, velocity, blah, blah, acceleration, blah" this is so funny and so true!!! ;) Have a blessed (and safe driving) day!!

the mama said...

I learned to drive at 13...so there...perfect logic!