You know ... ?
OK, maybe you don't. 
I'll be you've already brought your over-wintering favorites into your cozy home and have saved them from a freezing death. Well, this week's below freezing temps caught me by surprise (it's a yearly surprise) and I found myself running out for a Rescue Attempt before eight a.m. In my treadmill garb, which includes pajama pants - don't ask - I rushed out there and got such a wonderful surprise!FROST
I ran back in to grab my camera and spent some time trying to capture a tiny bit of beauty for myself. 
The light on the frosted leaves - people
Truly Amazing.

Are you spending time marveling at the wonder of His ever-changing creation? 
His handiwork on display in the most ordinary and transient occurrences? 
Join me and drag your eyes away from the stuff  for just a few minutes and LOOK
Even His smallest and most incidental works are sufficient 
to put us in our place in the best and most relieving way.
So take a deep breath and go look!


Meghan said...

amen, sister!

krissy said...

OH! I love love love the last picture!!

Amy Meyers said...

I can't believe you don't like chickens. You must come and hold one of my sweet girls (they now have full fledged red combs) and let them change your heart-for the better!