It's Already Begun

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas around here!
We try to hold it off until December, but it sneaks up.
There are already some Christmas movies out, not viewed yet, but at the ready.
A plastic holiday soldier (25¢ at a yardsale) is standing in my living room, 
just begging to be plugged in so he can strut his 1950s stuff.
And the lights went up on Thanksgiving Day, while it was still warm enough to view them without a coat. 
There have been issues with the lights this year, as it seems they cannot coexist 
nicely with the washing machine, but it seems to be all worked out after a couple of dark nights. 
My Youngest is eagerly anticipating every small event that comprise our holidays. It's almost as if he (also) knows that the childhood sort of seasons may be behind him now. When they were all little, there was so much more childish wonder,  just smooshing out everywhere - it's tough to be the youngest one.  Living with a houseful of semi-adults, the last to be still lingering in youth can have a difficult time of it, I think.
I've been browsing Pinterest, looking for new sweets to make for the season. Funny, though, that the things everyone requests are the old standbys! Do you find that to be true also? The Men and Almost-Men would feel meanly cheated if there weren't some hefty containers of buckeyes to pillage. 
The make-ahead-hide-seek-and-eat game - a classic! 
I make ahead and hide; they seek and eat.

And playing on the radio right this very minute - this.
Is anyone else enjoying the full moon? 
Was anyone else awake with me at 2:30 this morning, standing at the window and gawking at the oddly-visible nighttime landscape of your own backyard? 
I opened all the curtains and finally fell back to sleep, the whole room flooded with silvery light. 
Blessings overflowing blessings!

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