Balloons and More

We went to Cincinnati's Mirror Lake in Eden Park to see these -
But we also saw other interesting things.
There's alot to look at in a crowd that size, especially in the heart of a city like Cincinnati.
So many different kinds of people! It is always amazing to me.
For example, I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear red and white checks as
well as this guy. The woman in purple is admiring him, too. 
The Big Boy is just noticing the most adorable baby -
- and he bends over the stroller to get a better look. 
He probably wanted to just say hello to the little tyke. 
I wonder how that went? 
I know how that would've gone if it had been one of my kids in the stroller.
terror / horror
panic / screaming / possible spitting 

 Here's another casual attender of the festivities.
How'd you like to have him bend over the stroller?
Guaranteed ruined Holiday Event and at least three sleepless nights
 spent trying to calm your nightmare plagued child.
 But as far as I could tell, he kept his nutcrackers out of the strollers.

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Viva el Big Boy! They have the best Cokes with the little ice pellets. FYI. And my kids always FREAKED out over those people/characters, too.

Anna said...

Beautiful picture of the hot air ballon! And, my kids freak out, too, at those characters. the ChickFilA cow was the worst!

Jacci said...

Lol - big boy is... Um... BIG! Ha ha. My kids would freak!