Sharing the View

I guess I'm a nosy sort.
OK, I am. 
But do you ever wonder what other people see every day outside their windows?
My window views are very, very familiar to me. Window gazing, especially in these months, can be a
 major distraction from the list of things I SHOULD be doing. (Those annoying SHOULDS!)
In the spirit of sharing, then, here is the window view from our tiny downstairs half-bath.
It looks out into the greenhouse, and when I say tiny, I'm talking about 16" x 30". The window, that is. The bathroom itself is 3' x 5'. It's a great reminder to keep my weight under control.
* You have someplace convenient (the sink) to rest your head, if you need to, while 'using' the facilities.
* Clean-up time can be less than 5 minutes.
* It's easy to open the window, reach out there, grab a shovel, and scare away thieving raccoons.
(Husband is saying right now, "Easy for you, since you'd coaching from the bed while I do that!"   Sorry, MWH!)
* As stated before, major weight deterrent.
* No laying in the floor, in case of stomach virus. (sorry - yuk!)
* Very difficult to paint.
* Not much room for privacy when wedging self into jeans that may be a teensy bit too tight. 
Which links back to a pro ...
* Odds are much, much greater that your phone will drop into the toilet in such a small space.

ANYway --- all that is a big long side note!
What I really wanted you to see is the stained glass hummingbird hanging out there! Found him at a sale this summer, and got him for a dime. A dime!His sunlit colors against frosted greenhouse glass are causing me to spend even more time window-gazing!


Auntie Bliss said...

Well, isn't he sweet?!
I will cross my fingers for you a larger loo :)

marie said...

You know...I can't say that I have. Ever wondered about others and their window views. However, I can say that I probably will from now on! : )
Love the sweet hummingbird...REALLY love the price!!

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

I really had not ever considered what others see out our windows, but it is an interesting thought! I loved hummingbirds too. Enjoyed your pic!