This is the Dog

Do her eyes seem to be sorrowful?
That's because they are.
Regretful and remorseful, downcast and dismal, melancholy and mournful because
 this is the dog that broke the camera.
This is the dog who jumped on her owner who had on pajama pants to go 
with the boots that are just right for snow. 
This is the dog whose foot caught in the strap that was NOT around the 
neck of the foolish woman who ran out to take pictures 
of fat, luscious flakes of newly falling snow.
This is the dog who escaped the boot furiously flung from the foot of the 
angry woman who knew in her heart that her camera was broken for good.


My Vintage Life said...

OH, so sorry to hear it..........but look at those eyes........only love and devotion for you. Have a happy new year and hope that you can get a new camera.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Oh dear... I'm sure s/he didn't mean to.....
Hope you can get a new camera before too long.

Abby said...

I've broken 2 lenses thinking I had ahold of that silly strap. I watched in shock and disbelief as they just bounced off the floor right in front of me. It is just the worst. I guess I should be thankful it wasn't the actual camera... And that it wasn't my thrifty 50.

Thank the Lord your dog is adorable. That must've helped. :)