January Pleasures

Well, my camera is still broken. It's sad but true. I thought we'd rush that thing to the
camera ER and just hand over cash to make it all better. 
But January, just after Christmas, has always been a 
time of roosting. Staying home with chili and some free football as entertainment.
Did I mention free? Fixing the camera is unlikely to be free, or even near free.

And so I've been surprised to find what you can do with a mostly busted 
(yes, I'm using the word BUSTED) camera.
Even if only one-third of the viewfinder displays an image, 
and even if that image is upside down! 
 I am relieved to able to share a few January pleasures.

An after Christmas present found in Madison, Indiana, at a fun nature store called Cultivate.
This small birdfeeder attaches to the window - I should be able to spy on the birds 
UP CLOSE.  They just love that! Getting gawked at while eating - they must be used to it.

Sprouting things in January - doesn't everyone do it? 
I wanted to find out if some of the seeds I collected from the garden in November
would actually sprout before I sold them in the spring. On the right are shasta daisy sprouts
sharing space with ....  
Dang if I can remember things anymore! The most common knowledge just flies right
away and refuses to come back! It'll come to me if I stop trying - probably by the end of this post.
On the left are some pieces of a summer annual that seemed to nice to freeze. 
Since the leaves are succulent, they can just be cut and stuck into soil, and go right on blooming. 
How sweet is a lesson in character is that?

(snapdragons. and there you go - BAM! the thing you forgot plows you right in the face!)
We've lived here for eighteen years, friends, and we have only stuffed the attic --- never cleaned it.
But better late than never, right? Now I know what is in every box, tote and bag up there! I feel rich with knowledge! Powerful! And the joy of finding things thought long lost - well, let's just say it was a good time. 
Like a yardsale that I didn't have to go anywhere to attend and where everything was free.
I don't even remember where this blue bottle was found, but I love it all over again.
Now to get all that creepy white crud out of it.
The perfect project for a January day.


My Vintage Life said...

Hope you can get your cameral fixed. I love to watch the birds but can never get a good photo of them. I love to sprout things in winter......it gives me hope for spring! I love that bottle. If you put some uncooked white rice in the bottle with just a little water, place your hand over the opening and gently shake the rice inside of the bottle, it will remove a lot of the residue inside. It also helps to soak it a little before doing this. Good luck!

Meghan said...

one of my best friends is from madison, indiana.