The Downward Slope

This loveliest outdoor potting shed is a side room in an old barn.
That window looks out over gently-rolling, sleeping fields.
I loved the mellow sunshine warming the cold clay pots and saucers.
The poised tidiness of a workplace in repose.
And this old, muddy doorknob was just an added bonus!
The end of January is close, friends, and we are nearly on the downward slope 
toward some teasing peeks of Kentucky spring in February! When we can 
all start rearranging clay pots and pondering seek packets. 

 And these should be appearing soon -


Amanda said...

What lovely photos!! I just adore that potting shed and yearn for one of my own! :) YAY for the early "teasing peeks" of spring and for "pondering seed packets"!! I love it! Have a blessed day!

marie said...

I love this group of photos Sue...what a great potting area. Love that little flower too. I can't wait to see some blooms around here!