Sweet Talkin'

Sometimes you just need to talk about desserts.
While having dessert at Outback tonight
(many thanks to those wonderful souls who graciously gave us those gift cards)
and rating their featured cinnamon apple dish a disappointed '5' out of '10', 
Cinnamon Oblivion
My Wonderful Husband and I discussed our all time favorite list of restaurant desserts.
It's a short list of three:

(Even when the kids were small, getting time away together was a priority and eating was usually a happy part of that. Our special occasion date was a Progressive Dinner Date. We'd visit the restaurant with our favorite appetizer, enjoy that, get the check and drive to another spot and enjoy our favorite entree, then end the evening with our most loved dessert. It makes for a nice long night out, with three different crowds of people to gawk at and lots to talk about, besides organizing a game plan on Surviving Parenting.) 

#1  TGI Friday's Rockslide Pie

#2  Salty Dog Cafe's Key  Lime Pie

#3  Rafferty's Apple Walnut Crunch

Do you have a list of favorite restaurant desserts?

There's a whole other list of super special HOMEMADE desserts ....


My Vintage Life said...

Yum! This looks wonderful! I am a dessert person, however, when we eat out, by the time I have finished my dinner, I have no room for dessert. I should have dessert first.......don't you think??

Abby said...

I recently tried TGIF's salted caramel cake, I think it's called. Heaven! Too good, really... I'll have to try the Rockslide Pie...yum!