Get Your Name Tag

When we used to take our first graders on a zoo field trip, the name tags were an important 
part of the preparation. Arranging chaperones, lunches, permission slips, admission, buses, 
zoo demonstrations ... all that yes - but the name tags were Really Important. And if one of those kiddos wandered away it would've been a disaster of epic proportions for a new teacher. 
So name tags were near the top of the list. 
We tried to make them something the kids would want to wear 
so they wouldn't peel it off or hang it around a fence post. 
Sometimes the tags were themed by group. 
For example, the 'Lion Group' had lion shaped tags and were supposed to visit the lions and come back 
with a fact about lions to share with the class. Who knew if that would really happen?
 Let's just say that every parent who volunteers to chaperone should not really be a chaperone. 
Once I found a group of my students in the aquarium, and they weren't searching for 
fun fish facts to share over bag lunches. The moms were sitting on the entry benches 
while the kids raced around (and around and around) the circular pathway through the displays. 
If you think they were just having a little break for only a moment - stop it right now. 
Those kids were sweaty and shouting with joy, while the other zoo patrons were highly annoyed. 
Their name tags were completely askew. 

In my reading this morning, the scripture seemed to describe a name tag we will receive and wear in heaven.
Like a glorious field trip, maybe? 
Since we might need to be reminded where we are and whose we are -
"... to the one who conquers ... 
I will write on him the name of my God, 
and the name of the city of my God, 
... and my own new name."
(Notice that OUR names will not be on that heavenly name tag. Neither was that information a
 necessary part of our zoo tags. The child knew his own name, but the school name and my name
 needed to be on every tag for certain.) 
I'm glad the name tag described in Revelation 3 is not removable, peel-able or likely to be torn.
Just in case I'm found shouting with joy and racing around (and around and around) the new city, 
my new name tag will never be askew.


marie said...

Nice post Sue! I'm so glad that my new name tag will have His name on it!!

Loved the aquarium story!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great analogy. Can't wait to get mine!