Betty wiped her hands on her favorite calendar dish towel and absently wondered if she should toss it in the laundry bin. It had been a busy day, crammed full of preparations for the family dinner  taking place in just two hours. The pork chops were marinating, the potatoes were boiling along  and she had enough time to ice the cake before chasing her husband down for a quick pre-party conference. She slung the dishcloth over her shoulder and opened the basement door to listen. If the washer had finished its cycle, she could pop her favorite blouse in the dryer and be wearing it when her sister arrived. Her sister! Betty stared down into the cool, silent dimness, her hand unconsciously clutching the towel as anticipation battled uncertainty, and hope surged through her chest once more.

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My Vintage Life said...

Pretty towel and your writing has made me want to hear more!! Wonderful!