Triple Kiss Optional

We were Methodist when I was a little girl.
I have to confess that I'm drawn to stained glass, pews and hymnbooks.
There's something in me that perks up at lit candles, swaying robes and liturgy.

The Apostle's Creed, for example, seems like a balm to my soul, and I remember
as a kid really listening, head cocked and eyes squinting,  
and later fervently reciting with the adults 
the list of exactly what we were all willing to go the mat over. 
The camaraderie found in group recitation is very powerfully applied 
within the context of the teachings of the Church, I believe.

In any case, I miss those things.
Especially on 'high church' days like Easter.

(a single tuft of sunlit grass)

Now I'm wishing I had taught my family to use the Easter morning greeting:
and the response
"Truly, He is Risen!"
The triple kiss not required, but enjoyable.

So I'll send it out to you, and I'll include a messy triple kiss 
both before AND after the greeting:

Christ is Risen!

more Apostle's Creed
and here.
Just one more here.
And Oh My Word - this!


Meghan St. Clair said...

He is risen, indeed! Happy Easter! xo

marie said...

Truly He is Risen....indeed!!
Hope your Easter was joy-filled Sue!