Franny's Gloves

Francine found it difficult to drive the truck and peel off her fitted gloves at the same time. But she managed, best as she could in her agitated state, getting much of the work done at the town's single stop light. Why had she worn the ridiculous things, anyway? Stubborn, stubborn pride! Hadn't her Grannan warned her? And how right she had been! She should've known that her farm wife ways would not be hidden by the drawing on of some fancy nylon gloves. Should have guessed that she would receive no true hospitality from town women. Strong hands with thick calluses were her badges of achievement, and she'd not try to hide them again.

From the corner of her eye, Franny glared at the gloves, which poked upward and seemed to beckon from the worn passenger's seat. How they had chaffed her through the entire meeting of the Ladies Club, making her realize just how comical her pretense had become.  As she took the last turn toward home, the gloves were again in her hand. 

Before Grannan's words about reckless waste could fully surface, she had flipped the bright ivory pair out the open window.  From the side mirror of the Ford, she caught a diminishing glimpse of their tiny forms, finally benign in the muck and mire of the spring cow pasture.

"Just where they belong," she said to herself.

Buy Franny's pre-muck gloves here.


marie said...

Perfect story...Franny is my kind of gal!

Meghan St. Clair said...


Meghan St. Clair said...

sorry, just one more thing. i am intrigued about franny's violin case...do tell! i feel like she was REALLY galavanting. oh the scandal!

Mindy Whipple said...

Cute story!