Puff, Anyone?

Colorful packets of mysterious seeds are making the greenhouse seem crowded.
I've visited the garden department and spent a little too much, as usual.
The only repeat packets that I purchase, yearly and without fail,
are various zinnias and, of course, those heavenly blues!

All the other seed packets promise new-to-me plants.
How exciting is that? New plants for only about a buck. 
That's hard to turn down, right there.
I get a huge kick out of opening the slips and just seeing what the seeds look like!
It's incredible the variety that the Lord displays in these tiny, simple bits of life!
His hand of design leaves divine fingerprints - 
and not the sort that annoy or beg to be wiped away!

(The seeds are for borage, promising a true blue bloom,
Who could resist some love in a puff???
Not me.)

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