Signs of Spring

I recognize the call of a few birds, not very many. 
I often find myself asking, "Who's saying that?!" when they're all chatting by the feeder.
Unlike some pals of mine, who have every bird call brain cataloged, ready at all times for instant identification
("Oh, that's a cedar waxwing over in those trees...")
But I absolutely do know the sound of a redwing blackbird, and it's a 
sure sign that spring has come to stay.
Chickadee busy stuffing his beak, and doesn't that cardinal just look annoyed?
The chickadee's call is easy - he says his own name.
That bulb I received as a gift in my Christmas stocking has been taken out of
the closet after its months of darkness. The roots came quickly enough in
response to the light, but the bloom is much slower to emerge.
And that seems almost Biblical.

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Meghan St. Clair said...

love the ending. and the red winged blackbird. saw my first of the season last week.