Cupcake Happy Hour

It was Cupcake Happy Hour in St. Augustine. 
We left our place in line to tour Flagler College to participate.
Buy one get one free gets me every single time.

I won't tell you how many we bought, but here we are
making  really good use of our wait time  for a trolley to come around.
The icing was really good - the cake part was dry.
To true icing lovers, this is not really a fatal flaw, but it was just that for
my hubs, who is after  the whole package  in almost every situation.

In another part of town, just outside town, or maybe it was referred to as 'uptown'
we found the Whole Package at Luli's Cupcakes - luscious icing AND super moist cake.
These cupcakes left us panting and licking our paper wrappers and bowls, too.
You see before you 'the Chocoholic' and 'Key Lime'. 
Oh Mamma!

We bought shippable cupcakes in a jar for our parents who held down the fort
and seriously considered them several times from an open refrigerator door.
Considered eating them ourselves, that is. 

***Did I mention that they sold Icing Shots
Tiny cups of just the icing with whatever sprinkle additions. 
For a  $1 !!!