We've Been Away

It's easy to recommend St. Augustine as a nice place to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.
We spent a whole week there - SEVEN nights - and decided that might be a little too long to be away.
We got a whole lot of sand between our toes as we jockeyed from beach to beach,
 looking for just the right spot. 
(Found it on the last day at Vilano Beach.)

Visited as many cemeteries as we could - most of them are locked up
unless you're on a GHOST TOUR.
This carving in a tombstone from the late 1700's caught my eye.
"Look at that, hubs - is that amazing or what?!"
"Tombstones just aren't that amazing, sweetheart."

 Endured an agonizing sales pitch for the resort where we were staying
(We ended up giving them the most ridiculous bottom line figures in answer to:
"What would it cost to make you an owner today?" Knowing the salesguy would 
have to politely decline our thrift - but he met it instead. Then we had to turn him down.)
in order to get a $100 Visa which we used to buy our private eco-tour of the bay with Captain Kyle.

We unashamedly became Total Tourist Nerds with trolley stickers, visitor bands,  
appropriately painful sunburns and audio tour devices. 
It was all good - we had lots and lots of company. 
At least I didn't sport a fanny pack.
Here's a tourist SHOULD for free:
People should keep their knees together when riding in a full trolley seat, 
instead of sitting like bullfrogs wearing short pants and tube socks.
And yes, even the elderly should follow this rule, I believe.

Our eyes were trained on the beaches searching for sharks teeth,

and on the skies, too.

More on St. Augustine coming your way soon.
It'll be like the missionary slide show held in the church hall 
on a slow Baptist Wednesday night.

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