A Courtyard Connection

Aside from the lions everywhere,
there were so many really remarkable sculptures in St. Augustine!

The bust of a monk, only visible through the gates of a locked cemetery. 
He looks a little bit smug, I think. His expression is certainly unusual -
 a wry twist of the lips? Maybe he hoped his likeness would be displayed in
one of the elaborate cathedrals in town - but he ended up in an obscure graveyard.

How unhappy to have a sculpture made of you with your mouth
wide open like that! You know something has crawled up in there and is 
waiting for the pizza delivery guy. 

And this fellow in a courtyard was my favorite. 
We made an instant connection, he and I.
He's barely got his head on, and it looks like it was made from
an entirely different material than the rest of his body. 
I can identify.
My impression is that he was a sailor, coming home from a long voyage.
Possibly on which he was forced to acquire a new head? 
I don't know - it's hard to get away from the head detail. 
But just look at the wide smile! 
That alone makes him different and special.

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