The St. Augustine Lighthouse was one of the 'must stops' in our sightseeing frenzy while 
on the big 25th anniversary trip recently.
I find that I cannot recommend the sightseeing frenzy any longer. 
It's what we've always done when we're in an actual vacation destination - we feel
obligated to see everything, since we're not likely to ever return.
We wore ourselves out this time, though - maybe we are too old now?
"How do they get the lines on the tower so perfectly perfect?"
One of the staff knew the technical answer, of course.
It's a vacation game we play. We set some goals for the day and enjoy pursuing them. 
 I think the goals for this day were to:
 -laugh big enough that your mouth is wide open,  
-make conversation with a perfect stranger,  
-ask a question that completely stumps someone
(among others not really fit to share)
I don't remember the answer to the question now. It just really seemed like she was not the sort
of person to just spit up a scientific answer. Books and covers, right?
Husband was smirking at my failure to achieve a 'stumping' right there in the gift shop.
In looking online this morning for exactly how many steps the tower has, I find that the 
tower is reportedly haunted - shocker!
All ghosts aside, there were maybe over 1(6),000 steps.  
So it seemed, as I huffed my way to the top, trying to hide the gasping from my uber-cardio-fit husband.
Believe me, I was quick to call attention to the amazing views 
to be had from the windows along the way.
We met (and made conversation with) two women who lapped us on our climb. 
YES, they were going  up and down and up and down  the steps as exercise!
One of the women was 75 Years Old - she "did the tower" 
They did not spend any time looking at the view through the windows.
By the way, almost everyone wears a hat of some kind in St. Augustine.
It's just windy there, all the time, and you are probably coming from or going to the beach -
I loved the idea that hair is just messy, so cover it up!

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Mindy Whipple said...

I LOVE your lighthouse pictures! I used to dream of living in one - they have always held such fascincation for me.