Blue Reminder

In the last days of summer, I was invited out for an All Girls Day Out at White's Farm.
It turned out to be one of my favorite summer memories! 
(check out the video to get a peek)
Whenever I get a glimpse out my front door and see this -
it reminds me of that lovely day with my Pal and her Lovely Daughters.

I couldn't get my money out quickly enough - $5!
The vendor held the plant until the end of the day when I could 
swoop back around and pick it up. 
Great deals there - huge geranium pots and overflowing hanging baskets for only $5.
And the cutest miniature duck you ever saw! 
I helped the girls beg and scheme to bring it home...
I've never seen such a beautiful blue flower anywhere except on a 
heavenly blue morning glory vine! As it turns out, they're close cousins.
Blue evolvulus  is only annual, but I'll be trying to overwinter this in the greenhouse.

Are you diggin' my Potty Seat?
Who knew the bottom rotting out of  our ice cream parlor chair would turn out so well?

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