Move In Day

It's impossibly crowded on Move In Day at the local university.
* vehicles parked every jiggity way *
*  overly enthusiastic helper students to lug stuffstuffstuff up steps *
* parents wandering about in a dazed stupor *
This was our first MID, and it was a struggle to decide how to feel  about it.
There were not so many tears, since the boy is only moving 20 minutes from home,
and we enjoyed our time helping him to organize, clean and arrange.
Time was spent with the roommate and his family, and we laughed as we unpacked 
lots of duplicate items.

Even so, everyone knew that a definite line of demarcation was being approached, 
and the underlying solemness of the event buzzed in the air.
As we were about to leave our Second Son, our Middle Boy, in his dorm room
and drive back home, we clasped hands and prayed. 
People in the room who were perhaps not used to praying within the safety of a believing circle 
joined those who knew the Savior well, 
and fervent prayers were said over the college freshmen who had been celebrated that day.

If you've ever sent a practically grown child to live on his own, 
you probably know exactly how those prayers sounded.
How quickly we moved from   way back then   to   here and now!

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Meghan St. Clair said...

oh! this makes me a bit weepy just thinking about how close that day is. and we are just starting 3rd grade. much love to you and your family. and prayers for those leaving their mommas!