Way To Go

I'm getting a kick out of dropping my boy off at the local high school. 
Not that I want to get rid of him - not at all! Homeschooling dies hard, after all, and 
I miss the company of My Youngest so very, very much! 
But returning home fully dressed, with shoes on, before 8 a.m is pretty wonderful.
It seems to lengthen the day, almost to double it! 
Enough to take foggy-background photos guilt free.
This morning we waited behind a big ol' car as another high schooler unloaded.
A burley teenager fairly leaped out of the car, and a split second later, his mother did, too.
She crossed behind the vehicle, headed for her boy.
He turned to her and, as if it was a matter of course, submitted to a goodbye kiss.
Does it matter that it was a lip kiss? Does your family lip kiss or cheek kiss?
Sometimes I end up kissing the sleeve of one of my tall sons, if they're on the way out 
and in too much of a hurry for a cheek smooch.
Sometimes they bend down to plant a quick kiss my forehead or temple.
But there is no lip kissing around here ... at least none between parent and son.
ANYWAY - The point is that the mom was kissing her son goodbye in the 
middle of a teeming high school parking lot!
She sent me a prickly glance on her way back to the driver's side.
I smiled and nodded in return, hoping that my respect for the Parking Lot Kiss would be
evident. She would not receive any condemning glares from me! If a kid is still willing
to hop out of the car and (lip) kiss you goodbye in front of 471.5 other teenagers, then, well 

* Don Juan climbing rose
** Mandevilla vine

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