Fragile Line

From two full packets of seeds, yes I planted every single seed, I have three sunflower plants. Not a great accomplishment I guess, and I'm tempted to be jealous of those who have a crowded patch of these.
Especially if they're out near the road for me to enjoy on my way here and there. 
Don't think your tall lovelies have gone unnoticed - I have swerved more than once trying to get a better look.
Sunflowers symbolize that fragile line between summer and fall 
--- the full, hazy end of the season. 
These are bent over now, heavy with ripening seeds. 
Gazing at the ground and concentrating on their work 
they display a 'fall' sort of beauty that they lacked in summer.

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marie said...

I'm hoping to give Sunflowers a try next year. I have a vision of a circle of tall, tall Sunflowers, and some little people having a tea party in the midst of the towering blooms! :)