Life in a Sack

One of my favorite birthday gifts was 
a bag of old photos from shopgoodwill.com.
I've already sorted through at least a couple hundred 
and there are at least twice that many still to look through.

I thought they would be random, but one character's face keeps appearing. 
'Ann' appears as a young woman in the early 1920's posing in the woods with a sweet bouquet of flowers, and in the 1950's as a much older Ann.
And there's a whole stack of life in between the two.

Maybe this was her collection? 
Probably not originally kept in a plastic sack...
She's the one holding the camera in this photo.
There's certainly much to ponder in sorting through old snapshots of 
someone else's life.

1 comment:

marie said...

What an awesome gift...kind of sad though that there's no one who wanted to hang unto those photos. How nice that they ended up with you. I'm sure you'll imagine and treasure all kinds of memories for "Ann".