Driving might be my best time for thinking. 
Or maybe it's the Shower Hour. The "Shower Hour", you say??? 
Well, that's another post entirely.
SOME people might say that driving is definitely NOT the time for 
deep ponderings
wanderings of the mind 
or imagination
And they are probably right. 
HOWEVER, when something occurs to you, 
you have to either go with it or lose it
Do you agree? 
I mean, for me, if I don't pay attention to a 'new' thought, 
it simply vaporizes, never to return or be retrieved. 
And so...
It occurred to me, while driving, that I am entering a new season of life, 
and that I could probably name that season. 
I've stubbornly avoided letting this idea unfold in the past, 
but this time I made myself let it happen. 
I think I might be ...
I probably am ...
I'm in the FALL of my life!
Here's my breakdown on the Seasons of Life -
you can place yourself, then accept, ignore or dispute as you see fit.
Some of us will remain in denial, and that's OK.

              SPRING  - - -    Childhood, Teens
              SUMMER - - -   20s, 30s
              FALL  - - -  40s, 50s, 60s
               WINTER - - -   70s, 80s, 90s

* The teenagers in my vehicle confirmed my conclusions to be true.
They said it would be smart then, to act accordingly.
And I'm still thinking about that. 

I'm also thinking about how to re-arrange these categories so that I'm still
in the Summer Season. I think it's possible, if I make Spring = 0 - 25 yrs . . .

1 comment:

marie said...

I like these seasons of life...and I think you're 'spot on' in your breakdown. I'm almost 2/3 into Fall...it's my favorite season!

Driving is one of my best thinking times...and praying times too!