Beverly Jean Fights Back

Beverly couldn't help it. She chuckled to herself as she squeezed  the extra-strong starch solution out of her newly made antimacassar. This time when Albert's slimy head came to rest on the back of her best, and favorite armchair, he'd get a little surprise! How many years had she been asking her brother to stop wearing so much of that greasy hair oil? And did he ever listen? Did he consider how she wore her hands to a mess cleaning those stains out of the upholstery every time he came to visit? No, he did not! What foolishness - slicking perfectly healthy hair down with all that ... what was it ... Wildroot! Wildroot Cream Oil, that's what! Well, she was finished with such nonsense! She didn't have fine things, like he did, but she did have clean things. When he took to her chair for a nap after stuffing himself at Christmas dinner, he would not be resting his vain head as comfortably as he had on earlier holidays. Beverly Jean was going to make sure of that. 

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Meghan St. Clair said...

love, pure, love.

Jenny said...

Too funny! I'm sure the antimacassar was just the thing to solve her problem.