Joie de Vivre!

The time change has given us a brief return of early, early morning sunshine, 
and it's way too balmy to stay inside scuffing around in pajama pants.
So go get your boots on and scuff about your backyard instead - or your front yard,
 if you don't mind the neighbors seeing you sporting pajama bottoms and barn boots. 
I'll be sticking to my backyard even though my neighbors have already seen 
enough nonsense going on over here to scorch their eye sockets plumb empty.
Like the time Hubs gave me a piggy back ride 
around and around the crab apple tree. (frontyard)
Or the time we had stay-over holiday guests for so long we felt compelled to sneak out to the apple trees, under the full moon, wearing nightgowns? OK - he did not have a nightgown, I did. I think I did... (backyard) 
ANYway. These boots were not put away properly and have been sitting on the back porch, 
wide open to the Wild Kingdom that lives and moves and has its being on our small acre.
You can either work on making sure that nothing alive is in the boot toe, 
or just go for broke and plunge your foot down in there. 

 Can you believe I found a few iris blooming again? 
Double bonus that it's the dark purple!

Forsythia is taking another turn at blooming, too. 
The frosted fall foliage on the bush really makes the blooms pop!

A good reason to wear boots. But they do have a certain beauty, don't they?
Well, they don't anymore - within about a day, these mushrooms turned into a pile of seriously disgusting mush.

THIS is how the boots SHOULD be put away.
Much, much safer. 
But less Joie de Vivre...

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