Some people do not know when to quit.
Just like this snapdragon that continues to bloom, even in these subfreezing temperatures.
I can peek around the corner from my bedroom window and watch its blossoms wave 
in the frigid breeze.
When is enough finally too much?
How much does a person have to endure before throwing up hands and walking away, and who gets to make the call? I'm not sure where the lines lay, but I see that Peter wondered the same thing.

I took some begonias into the greenhouse when we started to have frosts.
They should've been fine in there, even though it's not a completely enclosed shelter.
A week or so later, sadly, I found them completely grayed out - touched by the frosty air and dead.
In contrast to these spunky snapdragons which were left out in the open to deal with the 
full force of wintery weather, those fragile begonias gave up the ghost at the first signs of chill.

I want to endure in relationships like a snapdragon and NOT behave like a begonia.

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