The (un)Holy Couple

At Christmastime, we visit Fountain Square in Cincinnati. 
There's a skating rink where we stand around the edges and wait for the ever-hilarious
sight of falling skaters, and a Graeter's bakery nearby. Food and entertainment - definite holiday
luxuries. It's one of our traditions, from when the boys were little and the main attraction was chasing 
pigeons and eating a cheap donut. Now we take whoever among them will go, along with 
any of their friends; it's different, but the same in the essential ways. 
Different, but the same - that's the stuff of life, isn't it?

AND THIS YEAR ... something more! An immigration demonstration attended by
Mary and Joseph, the Holy Couple themselves. Skipping over the pesky politics of the whole
situation, since that is clearly not the point here, you must look more closely at Mary and Joseph. 
Look at their chests...
Is that the creepiest thing you ever saw???
I couldn't drag my eyes away! 
Joseph's 'assistant' needing air - a little less creepy, but still - a startlingly weird backdrop to the 
kindly-looking interpreter who waits for the tearful Mexican woman to pause in her pleas.
There was also random group dancing of the Macarena sort pretty similar to this.
I tell you, it was the best year ever for gawking! 

(Don't miss that Macarena link ...)

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