A Snootful

Every time the snow and ice melts away for a little bit, I check for this -
And every time, I find it in the cracks of the rock patio, amazingly, still growing green.
I long to pluck up a hunk and pull in a big snootful of green freshness 
... that certain sprouting smell that hopeful gardeners cherish. 
I just know it's clinging to the underside of one of those clumps! 

But I'll leave it for a just a little while longer, and pay respect to the tenacity, 
the bulldog determination of MOSS in winter.

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Mindy Whipple said...

I am always just fascinated by moss and thought annoying to some I think it is beautiful. Living in the Pacific Northwest we have all kinds of moss growing (often where we don't want it to) so get to see lots of it. I am longing for spring but thankful for each season : )