On the Verge

Spring is full of verges, isn't it?
Things are waking up out in the garden, grasses are going all emerald, and 
this afternoon, an actual warm breeze blew across my willing face.
I'm going to appreciate this spring season more than any in a very long time.

Crocus are up out there, purple and yellow, and anemone have begun to carpet under the red maple.
Here's the first bunch of daffodils - a wild group that were here when we moved in 20 years ago.
Leave it to the wilder bunch to bloom out first!
 The more snooty, stately blooms are getting ready behind the curtain.
Can you see the outline of the blooms inside the leaf sleeves?
They're on the verge of a really big show ...

1 comment:

marie said...

I totally agree about appreciating Spring this year! We had snow on Sunday!
Love all the peeks at Spring that you've shared. Really love the shot of the snooty blooms!!