Give In To Wonder

What could be more lovely and ethereal than a floating lamp? 
But then, something about sending fire into the air to roam free left me chewing one nail.
At the same time, I wanted to clap with glee and maybe even give a mascot cheer.
Something must be really wrong with me - I could watch that over and over again!
The Pirate! That Bee!
I think the PARENT persona battles the CHILD within, do you? 
I certainly hope you are still aware of your child self - 
the part of you quick to gasp in wonder or excitement? 
that bit inside that leaps forward when ice cream is available? 
that overwhelming impulse to fling something...   

A long time ago around a campfire, I saw a  mostly grown person leap to her feet and dance with complete abandon. Sparked by the fast-paced worship music, she circled the fire, singing and dancing, waving her arms, and laughing aloud. In that moment, her joy and freedom, expressed without any trace of dignity or reserve, deeply moved me.  A few of the younger people in the group jumped up to join, but I remained rooted to my log seat,  filled with admiration and denied longing. 

While lighting Chinese lanterns this weekend, I read the directions aloud with extra emphasis and cautioned all involved (with my best parental voice)  about proper use of the lighter. But as the lantern filled and tugged itself from our fingertips to float through the dusk and hover just over the apple trees ... I gave in to wonder. 

A little clapping and cheering never hurt anybody!

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