How Miss Saigon Got In My Cart

'Miss Saigon' Dutch iris bulbs. 
The name sucked me in, but the photo on the bag 
forced me to find room in the grocery budget for these.

If they don't come up looking EXACTLY like this - 

then I'll dig up every one and dump them in the Walmart parking lot.
The majority of the bag went into a summer container, a few in the patio garden, and a couple
out in the border garden, as a reserve. 
So far, I've only gotten a few teasing signs of life in the container, nothing more. To tell the
truth, I've forgotten exactly where I put them in the border garden, so those probably
won't survive the summer's hoeing. 

ANYway, at the same time, I finally had THESE!!!

Thanks to the seedpods Kate generously gave, and many frustrated attempts 
at sprouting false indigo. I've had two or three thready stalks for the last two years, and I expected them to 
be completely gone after the winter we had. But this year ... there's a big stand out there!
Turns out they're sturdy and long-lasting in an arrangement or small bouquet.

*Several American Indian tribes have made use of the plant for a variety of purposes. The Cherokees used it as a source of blue dye, a practice later copied by European settlers. They also would use the roots in teas as a purgative or to treat tooth aches and nausea, while the Osage made an eyewash with the plant.


marie said...

Miss Saigon awesome....the blue is amazing! I hope they come out just like the photo...but if not, look out Walmart!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Im so proud. My husband threatens to weed whack those every year and complains about mowing around them but I've held my ground on those babies and declare them "Mine" and when they start getting too droopy for even my taste I cut them back which I've heard you are not supposed to do and they still come back every year!