This was the sky a few nights ago. 

At least it was OUR sky from OUR backyard. We all have a personal patchwork corner of the sky, don't we? Don't you? When dealing with an outbreak of illness, I have even laid claim to a tiny bit of the sky as seen, by day and by night, from the window closest to my bed. It has often occurred to me what a harsh deprivation it would be to have no access to the sky.

 From his spot on the couch, one of my guys called attention to it - "Look at that, Mom!" We all piled out to the back porch to stand in the middle of our acre and gawk at the balefully-colored, rolling clouds. In silence, we considered the meaning of a sky like this one. My youngest finally spoke his unease aloud -  "What's going to happen?"  Every one of us felt small and helpless standing under a sky like this one.  

And I think that's an important reality check for adults and teenagers alike. 
We ARE small!
 We ARE helpless!
That night, God reminded us of our actual  state of being, and with ultimate efficiency, reminded us who He is. 
He is BIG

*** How miraculous to be invited to rest in the safety of One so capable! ***

“It is about the greatness of God, not the significance of man. 
God made man small and the universe big to say something about himself.”
John Piper

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