Greenhouse Gourds

I love a good gourd vine - who doesn't?
We planted this one in a new raised bed just outside the greenhouse. 
In its enthusiasm, it found a way through a cracked lower window and staked a 
claim. Bypassing the watering cans and shunning the badly used birdhouse, it seemed to 
be on its way to the ceiling vents.
(My sons are building a practice frisbee golf basket and think the greenhouse is a great place for project storage.)

Intricate curls and modestly clasped buds -

The smallest round egg gourds are forming ...

... and developing everywhere in there.

Can you see the mildew spots on the lower leaves? It will eventually take the whole vine 
down. You can spray to stop the mildew, and after cutting off the effected leaves, 
there might be a chance of survival. 
 Some organic solutions described here which I've never tried. Seems like it might be 
worth a shot when the plant is smaller, earlier in the season.
There's always next year!

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