Here, Fishy, Fishy!

Only a few hydrangeas had any blooms here this season, due to the incredibly harsh winter just past.
The only traditional hydrangea of mine that had any blooms was a single Blue Billows bush. 
Not usually one of my favorites, but I appreciated the blue when it was so scarce in my garden this spring.
* This morning I saw that one of my Nikko bushes has added a whole new 
layer of small blooms!  It's going to do a fall bloom!  Whoo-hoo!
Super short stems make Blue Billows work best in a very small vase.
My fish is interested in anything that happens in his windowsill. 
I tell you, this fish is more like a dog in a bowl than a regular pet fish.
He (it?) rests on the bottom of his vase until someone comes to the sink for a drink 
or to wash dishes. Then he flutters at the edge, watching the water stream and wanting attention. 
Or food, whichever. 
His wife is in the background - a solar hula dancer from the Dollar Tree.
He is, after all, a 'fighting fish', so it took them a while to make their relationship work, 
but now they are inseparable. 

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Jenny said...

When I was a kid we had a goldfish that liked to go for a swim in the bathtub. We could just pick him up and he didn't mind, in fact, he seems to like being stroked a bit.