Take It All

 The old hymns, 
I know I've said this before
 they float around in my head and appear at the oddest moments. Verses of song 
from my very early youth may pop forward while washing dishes, watering the gardens, in the shower... 
Is it something in the water???
And  I'm hoping the Holy Spirit will do the same for my sons - 
bring sacred things to the front. 
At this point in their lives, all the scripture verses and chapters they memorized and 
the few hymns I taught them as children seem to be buried.
But buried treasure is still treasure, folks.
And the best news of all is that the Faithful One knows exactly where it's buried 
and the perfect moment to retrieve it.
Here's the buried treasure He dug up and offered to me today, sung in a new way - 
certainly not the as in the Methodist days of (my) yore. 

Will you dare to ponder these verses with me and consider what might happen 
if we prayed this and really meant it? 
Not the Sunday Morning Version of consideration, please.
I'll speak for myself and admit that too often, instead joining in wholly dedicated worship, I'm actually pondering:
what happened before we arrived in the building 
 my own uncomfortable state of being
what my pew-mates may be thinking/saying/doing
how the worship team stays in perfect unity
the amazing enthusiasm of the deaf interpreter
after church plans and schemes ...
NO, let's not indulge this quarter-hearted rumination!
Take five minutes with me and really let these words sink down deep, where  you hoard 
your pile of Authentic Self. Turn the verses over a few times, read them in reverse order, 
say them aloud and ask yourself -

WHAT might He do with me if I sincerely and unabashedly 
fling the entire pile of myself at His feet? 

Romans 12:1
1 Corinthians 2:9-12

* photos from Colonial Williamsburg, VA trip, 2014


Mindy Whipple said...

Our daughter went through a program at church that was pretty challenging when she was about junior high age that required memorizing large amounts of scripture. Just the other day she was saying that although she didn't always like it at the time that God often brings those very verses to mind just when she needs them - stored up treasure it is! Thanks for your post : )

marie said...

Buried treasure is indeed still treasure!!
Love this post Sue...and thank you for the link to a wonderful version of a beautiful song. And for the nudge to ponder it in my life!