Sunflower Feeders

A successful season of growing these giants is way over.
The stalks are gone from the beds and are now bulking up the burn pile. 
My favorite super hero, Garden Guy*, composted and, AND! put the flower beds to 
sleep under a thick layer of leaf mulch. Ahhhh!  I love you Garden Guy!

*Formerly known in an earlier career as Diaper Man, this superhero visited our home
 every weekend and took on the nighttime diaper 'dooties' so I could get some sleep.  
The work of a superhero is never, ever done!

I harvested* the heads, and they relaxed on the picnic table for a few days, then 
went on to dry in the greenhouse.  It didn't take long for the tufted titmice to find them - 
those birds must buckle on their smartie pants every day.

* Flower gardeners like me take any opportunity to use the word harvest to get a 
temporary leg-up to the Vegetable Gardener League. 

So I moved them out for all the fall birds.  
A super cheap and all-natural birdfeeder, the thick stalk makes it easy to ram it between 
tree branches or in metal plant hanging hardware (below).
You could lay one right outside on a window ledge for a front-row, birdwatching seat.
Sparrows can't seem to hog a hanging seed head for their tribe - big bonus!

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