Be Present

I made my Christmas prayer this past Sunday in church. 
Call it a goal, a wish, a sought for miracle ... whatever you like. 
It's an important part of my spiritual life during the Christmas season.

This Christmas, I'm going to try to edge closer to the manger, if you can picture it.
I want to breathe in the smells of the stable and be present in the wonder of Emmanuel, 
God coming to live among us, as one of us.
I want to peek over the edge of the feeding trough and behold 
instead of just looking on from a distance, my arms and head full of holiday tasks.

What are you hoping for this month? 
Do you have the boldness to ask Him for an extra gift, something for yourself?


Jenny said...

I am praying that His joy which is my strength would be shown through me to those around me. I want His light to shine. And I want to snuggle down deep into His loving arms.

marie said...

I want to get back to the moment I first realized that He came for ME. I remember that moment, but I've let the awesomeness of it get away from me. Does that make sense?

Sweet Annabelle said...

Marie - that makes PERFECT sense. What a great Christmas wish! I'll pray this for you!