Less is More

Somehow all the Christmas decor is in place, and it's only December 1st.
More seems to be less this season, and not ALL the usual items found their way out of 
the holiday totes. 

How sad for the ringing-bell-snowman who has taken his place in our living room every year for ... 15 years? 

*** Are we on the downhill decline to that  hazy spot where the entire holiday decor consists of one candelabra of colored lights in the front window? When the most exciting holiday treat is a box of chocolate covered cherries from the dime store? Is this how it happens? 
SOMEone had the idea to pile all the Christmas lights in a heap in the front yard, run an extension cord and plug it all in. 
Voila! A mountain of colored lights! Outdoor Christmas - CHECK!
Is anybody with me on this?

It didn't happen this year, but maybe someday ...
 just before we plug in the candelabra of colored lights 
and toast one another with the last two chocolate covered cherries.

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